Stitches and Memories

Antea’s father ripped her mind apart, left her for dead, and vanished twelve years ago, and all she’s wanted since then is to find out why. When she’s evicted from her tenement on her thirtieth birthday and shunted into a hospice for the homeless, she meets Jedan, a man whose magic can track her father. The sensible thing to do is stay in the capital. Her father’s attack left her with a lifetime of convulsions, and she’s not healthy enough for a long journey. Hunting her father across the kingdom of Ritalia would be madness. But it might take madness to find answers. 

Antea ditches her job as a maid and sets out into the countryside on her father’s trail. But when she wakes a long-forgotten goddess, the mage her father once served places a death sentence on her head. Now her convulsions are the least of her worries. Waking the goddess wakes magic inside of Antea, revealing secrets and lies that might explain her father’s deeds. Lies that might shift the balance of power in the kingdom or topple it altogether. As the notables of the land compete to control or kill her, finding her father starts to look like suicide. A less reckless woman would turn back, but Antea will die to get her answers.