Mud-Child – Fantasy

For Rebeka, menopause isn’t the end of motherhood, but the beginning. Her new daughter is perfect down to every cotton-thread hair and river-stone eye. Rebeka sculpted her that way. The townsfolk are mad to think Mud-Child will murder them all during the next thunderstorm. Rebeka will not give her up. But the rest of the world doesn’t care what an old woman wants. Mud-Child is snatched and sold into military slavery. Mud-Child is the first person Rebeka’s cared about since her twin died and her beloved left her for a man. Now she’ll do anything to get her child back.

For Mud-Child, waking up was simple. One minute, she was clay. The next, she could feel, move and love. She doesn’t want to be a soldier, especially since they treat her like furniture. She wants to go home. Or she did, before she found it out it could mean a death-sentence for Rebeka. Now she’s on the run from everybody. Even her mother.

For Bren, it was just a job. Monster-tender. Sounded simple. He didn’t count on one monster being able to think and write. Or a strange man offering Bren his heart’s desire—the removal of his life-long curse. All Bren has to do is take a new master and turn a blind eye. But Bren has always prided himself on doing his job. On being a good man. If he accepts the offer, a little clay girl and her mother will die. A nation will fall. And if that happens, Bren might as well admit he’s nothing more than his curse.

Stage: Draft 3 rewrite in progress.

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