Court Phoenix- Fantasy

Fourteen years old is probably too young to have people out to murder you. And yet that’s the life Kerra, indentured servant and phoenix handler, lives.

Kerra and her phoenix dwell in the nomadic city Skyfire, which grinds across steppe and tundra, surrounded by its never-ending herd of reindeer. She lives with Chujulan, the emperor’s general, a woman Kerra has come to regard as a sister despite their differences in station. And her constant companion is the phoenix Heslibra, who Kerra is duty-bound to tend.

Ever since Kerra accidentally released a powerful ghost into Skyfire, Kerra has been hunted by possessed men and women out to slaughter her. The power of a phoenix is enough to resurrect a ghost — provided both Kerra and Heslibra are dead. The fire magic she shares with Heslibra offers her protection, but at a cost Kerra is not willing to pay: becoming a killer.

Stage: Draft 2 in progress