The River’s Drift – Science Fiction

THE RIVER’S DRIFT is adult science fiction complete at 100,000 words.

Querrl spent her infancy believing she would one day rule her own family. After all, she’s female, a rare and precious thing among the lorn species. But at the age other girls blossom, Querrl turns skinny, sharp-edged, and embarrassingly easy to mistake for the lowest caste of male.

Her family says she will never become a matriarch. Her attempt to prove them wrong is a disaster. She is attacked by a hungry flesher and falls into a river that carries her far from home.

She is rescued by soldiers of an empire that is nothing like her peaceful homeland. Mistaken for a boy, Querrl has two options – continue the deception and integrate into their society, or live in isolation with the rest of the empire’s females. Querrl chooses to live as a lowly male, hoping to escape and find her way home.

But the lorn of the empire are alien to Querrl. Her people are pacifists that fish and hunt as families along endless rivers. The imperials don’t even have families, and they’re willing to kill for a patch of clean water. By the time she understands the danger she’s put herself in by joining them, her journey home has become almost impossible, and a single wrong move will reveal the secret of her gender. Querrl must decide if returning home is worth becoming the one thing her family cannot accept: a killer.

Final draft ready for submission

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