About Me

I began writing when I was around eight years old. I’d been telling stories for far longer, but that was when I finally admitted that setting stories down on paper might be better than daydreaming. My first tales were all about fantastical animals, inspired by Redwall and Watership Down and Rustle in the Grass, which my parents had read aloud to me since before I could read myself. I grew out of writing talking animals (and later a serious infatuation with elves) but my interest in the nonhuman has stayed with me. It probably always will.

I started writing far too young, and I’ve never been able to stop, even when my interests drove me in other directions. Like many other writers, I collect miscellaneous degrees. I have a BFA in Studio Arts, specializing in metals and ceramics. I earned my BS and MS in Biology, and I am currently working towards my PhD. I live in Arizona with my cats, husband and too many plants.